Healthcare innovation

New paper on health system resilience gives…

New paper on health system resilience gives…

Priority 2: Governance shares a key lesson and real-world examples from the pandemic that where data infrastructures were open and accessible, health systems could use their digital capability to respond faster.

Priority 3: Healthcare workforce. The third priority in the new paper explains the need for an adaptive workforce. To decrease the pressure on the existing workforce a shift away from disease-centered care delivery systems is needed towards value-based and patient-centric care models, placing the healthcare worker in a more dynamic culture of flexibility and continuous learning.

Priority 4: Data innovation covers the need for open standards ensuring healthcare data is in a format that can be shared effortlessly, transparently, and securely.This should be accompanied by robust standards and policies that govern data usage are needed, both for the existing management of data but also data-intensive technologies like AI. Patients must feel confident that their information is secure and can only be accessed with their consent or authorization.