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Juniper Research – Future Digital Award Winners…

Juniper Research – Future Digital Award Winners…

It is with great pleasure that Juniper Research announces the 2022 winners of the Future Digital Awards for Digital Health Innovation. This year’s awards received a record number of applications; making choosing winners more difficult than ever.

These awards recognise the most innovative and impactful digital health solutions operating across numerous areas, including remote monitoring solutions, precision medicine, digital therapeutics and hearables.

The winners in each category, following our extensive application and judging process, are as follows:

Judges’ Choice

  • Juniper Research Award for Excellence in Digital Health Innovation
  • Mover & Shaker in Digital Health Innovation
    • Russell Glass, CEO, Headspace Health

Telemedicine & Remote Health

  • Best Biometrics Innovation in Healthcare
    • – Platinum Winner
    • BioIntelliSense: BioIntelliSense – Gold Winner
  • Best Digital Health Data Management Solution
    • Thales: eHealth Home Gateway and Cloud Solution – Platinum Winner
    • Priority Digital Health: Priority Platform – Gold Winner
  • Best Independent Living Solution
    • Florence: Florence – Platinum Winner
    • Origin: Origin WiFi Sensing – Gold Winner
  • Best Remote Monitoring Solutions
    • Propeller Health: Propeller Health – Platinum Winner
    • COVVI: The Nexus Hand – Gold Winner
  • Most Innovative Telemedicine Solution
    • Kit: Kit – Platinum Winner
    • GOQii: GOQii – Gold Winner
  • Best Assistive Hearable Solution
    • Nuheara: Nuheara – Platinum Winner
    • Bose: Bose – Gold Winner

Digital Therapeutics & Mental Health

  • Best Digital Therapeutic Solution

Healthcare Innovation

  • Best Digital Diagnostics Solution
  • Best Medical Application of AI
  • Edge Computing Innovation in Healthcare
    • John Snow Labs: Spark NLP for Healthcare – Platinum Winner
    • Zyter: Zyter Remote Patient Monitoring – Gold Winner
  • Best Smart Hospital Deployment
    • Zyter: Zyter Remote Patient Monitoring – Platinum Winner
  • Most Innovative Precision Medicine Solution
    • Mymee: Mymee – Platinum Winner

For further details on the Future Digital Awards please visit the Future Digital Awards website, follow us on Twitter @FutureDigiAward

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