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New Digital Health Services, Climate and Health,…

New Digital Health Services, Climate and Health,…

It’s been a while since we’ve done a roundup of interesting tweets.  Today I saw a number of interesting discussions and ideas that I thought may be useful and of interest to the Healthcare IT Today community.  Here we go.

If you don’t follow Jay Parkinson, MD you should. He’s always sharing interesting content (and pictures that make you jealous, but that’s ok). That said, this tweet is quite interesting. I’m interested to know if people agree with Jay. Do you need a new service and a new business model for it to really make an impact and take off? I can see where he’s going with this since I’ve seen this happen a lot of times before. Healthcare is so dependent on regulations and reimbursement that many of the most interesting things in healthcare capitalize on these changes. I think that’s particularly true now. What do you think?

I’m not sure I personally believe that it will go this far. Although, I do think that there’s a connection between climate and health that we don’t appreciate. Plus, as Abner Mason points out, it’s tied to health equity as well. Lots to chew on here, but it’s not clear how the current healthcare system will address it. My guess is that it will be outside of the current system.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been following the details of the 988 phone line as I should be, but I’ve seen it pop up a bunch. It’s great that mental health is getting more attention. Although, it sounds like there’s still a lot of investment to really put the infrastructure in place to help people. I’d love to hear what people think from those who have followed it closer than I.

Ok. This isn’t really health IT related at all, but it’s just too beautiful and joyful to watch. Sometimes we make life too complex when all we need for joy is walking down the right path. Thanks Effie and Ford for reminding us of this. And if you’re not following the Once Upon a Gene podcast, go do that now.

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