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AstraZeneca, Accenture, AWS and Clalit Health Services…

AstraZeneca, Accenture, AWS and Clalit Health Services…

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, consulting firm Accenture, Amazon Web Services, and Israeli health organization Clalit Health Services have together launched a new startup program called BeyondBio SCALE to enhance the growth of Israel’s digital health sector. Expected to begin this November and run until July 2023, the program will help startups develop and implement healthcare solutions globally.

“We believe that our role is to serve as a global hub of healthcare innovation, allowing the most promising tools and solutions to be tested and implemented at scale, for the benefit of our patients and to advance new best practices in medicine,” said Prof. Ran Balicer, Chief Innovation Officer at Clalit Health Services and Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute. “We are committed to making sure Clalit remains at the forefront of bringing the future of medicine to both our patients and caregivers.”

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BeyondBio SCALE will begin this November and run until July 2023

(Photo: Accenture)

The BeyondBio SCALE program will assist startups to expand into markets with the help of program collaborators and their clinical, commercial, and technical expertise. It expects to take advantage of well-established assets and platforms from AstraZeneca, Accenture, AWS, Clalit Health Services, and others, to foster growth and revenue for the startups.

The call for companies has already begun and runs until September 20, 2022. Hopeful startups that wish to take part must have solutions in one or more of the focus areas relating to either respiratory and immunology; cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic diseases; oncology, or vaccines and infectious diseases. Companies must also address at least one of the following challenges: early disease detection and disease management; multidisciplinary teams support platforms; or data insights, optimization, and management.

“Through BeyondBio SCALE, we are making bold moves to engage with the health innovation hub in Israel, providing startups with the support they need to take their solutions to the global stage,” said Ohad Goldberg, Country President, AstraZeneca Israel. Shimon Elkabetz, Country Director, Accenture Israel, added: “In order to harness the full potential of emerging technologies, partnerships are more necessary than ever before, as demonstrated by the emergence of the Covid pandemic.”

Clalit is the largest HMO in Israel and provides medical services to 52% of the Israeli population. It manages 14 public hospitals and provides additional services through subsidiary companies. AstraZeneca operates in more than 100 countries and in 2007, AstraZeneca Israel was established as the company’s official representative in the region. Accenture operates in over 40 industries and offers strategy, consulting, and operations services with a team of 710,000 serving clients in 120 countries. AWS is used by thousands of healthcare and life sciences customers around the world.