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Driving energy efficiency to tackle climate change

Driving energy efficiency to tackle climate change

Failure is not an option

The Apollo 13 mission had a positive ending. Demonstrating technical expertise, resourcefulness and perseverance, the crew and mission controllers succeeded in improvising solutions to the power supply and other critical problems. After almost 6 days in space, the spacecraft splashed down safely in the South Pacific Ocean.

If humankind displays the same unity of purpose, creativity and determination in tackling the problems our planet faces today, we too can overcome adversity. Companies like Philips, with the innovation power and ability to scale solutions, have a vital role to play in this endeavor. But no single party can turn the tide. It takes all of us, working together.

There is a lot that we – private companies, governments, public organizations, but also citizens – can do to drive the transition to a low-carbon economy. Operating carbon-neutral, switching to ‘as a service’ business models, and adopting circular practices, to name just a few. But like the crew of Apollo 13, we have no time to lose.