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How AI Can Democratize Healthcare with Robin…

How AI Can Democratize Healthcare with Robin…

AI seems to be popping up in every part of healthcare.  I recently heard an investor say that AI is being mentioned in every new product similar to what we saw with crypto.  However, AI is actually making a difference in the products, unlike crypto.  This is exactly what I see in healthcare.  AI is making an impact on so many parts of healthcare and in many ways we’re just getting started.

Robin Farmanfarmaian, Author and Professional Speaker just released a new book called “How AI Can Democratize Healthcare.” (Side Note: You can get a free chapter download at  If you’ve been to a health IT conference, then you’ve probably heard Farmanfarmaian speak.  In those talks, she shares more healthcare innovation per minute than any other speaker I’ve seen.  So, I was excited to hear she’d put out a book about AI in healthcare.

To get a preview, I sat down with Farmanfarmaian to hear an overview of what her and her co-author Michael Ferro share in the book.  Plus, I ask her to share a number of specific examples of AI really happening in healthcare and I ask her who is going to pay for all this AI.

I had to learn how AI is going to democratize healthcare and shifting care from the clinic to the point of the patient.  I also ask her whether she sees AI as an ongoing progression of tech in healthcare or if she thinks that AI is going to create some fundamental shifts (Spoiler Alert: She thinks that’s already happening).

Check out our video interview below to learn more about this great book with many examples of AI in healthcare and be sure to go and purchase the book.

Learn more about Robin Farmanfarmaian’s new book:

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