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EZride provides innovative cycling solutions

EZride provides innovative cycling solutions

In April 2022, Hempu Time, a global supply chain for innovative industries, from healthcare to new energy, jointly established EZride (, an electric bicycle brand, with Wood Side, an American technology company. In addition, they also jointly established a Sino-U.S. operation and after-sales team. 

Their e-bike production line and operation center are based in northeastern China’s Tianjin, while the industrial design and North America after-sales service center are based in Pennsylvania.

EZride specializes in the research, development, production and sales of electric cycling equipment and designs bikes for urban exploration, commuting and off-road cycling. Its main products include leisure sports road bikes, mountain and city bikes and other e-bike series. Its design concept is “lighter, more agile, more reliable” and aims to provide global customers with systematic cycling solutions.

“E-bikes are conducive to easing traffic congestion and reducing carbon emissions, and e-bikes enjoy purchasing subsidies in many countries,” said Presideng Ji Han of Hempu Time when talking about EZride.

Hempu Times has grown into a global supply chain enterprise with business operations in more than 30 countries and regions, covering Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas after nearly 20 years of development.

Due to its young, innovative nature, EZride will continue to develop short transportation products from the standpoint of scientific and technological innovation to benefit more EZriders. 

China’s domestic manufacturers of electric bicycle parts have technology almost equal to that of overseas manufacturers. EZride uses high-tech components, and adheres to a practical design style, and applies excellent self-developed technology. Its high-cost performance has been praised by users at home and abroad. Its products have entered the markets of the U.S., Norway, Italy, South Africa and other countries.

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