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Future-proofing medicines: What role for science, data…

Future-proofing medicines: What role for science, data…

This public S|B Future-Proofing Medicine event will be take place in Berlin within the context of the KassenGipfel 2022 and moderated by Carlos Härtel, CEO of Science|Business.


The EU’s new pharmaceutical strategy recognizes that safe, affordable, and efficient access to new therapeutics and devices will play a key role in strengthening post-pandemic healthcare systems, improving patient outcomes and maintaining the global competitiveness of European companies in various healthcare sectors. Policy makers at the EU and national levels are also recognizing the need for new methods of evidence generation and evaluation, such as Big Data and real-world data analysis, to support drug development, approval, and use.

In parallel, scientists are making rapid progress toward next-generation medicines in areas such as cell- and gene-based therapies and genomics, while advanced computing, AI, shared data spaces, and more continue to push the boundaries of what data science can do. As the EU moves forward with its new strategy and landmark overhaul of its basic medicines legislation, the critical question is how regulation can anticipate and accommodate these scientific and technological breakthroughs, foster innovation, and respond flexibly to future health crises, policy priorities, and the concerns of key stakeholders.

Against this backdrop, Science|Business – Europe’s leading media company specializing in R&I policy issues – in collaboration with EIT Health and others, is hosting high-level dialogues in various EU capitals to gather national perspectives on this issue.

For more information and details about how to register, please click here [German], or contact Simon Pickard at [email protected]