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Pune (Maharashtra) [India], December 31: The Eco Factory Foundation (TEFF), a Section 8 non-profit organization founded by Anand Chordia in 2016, is working relentlessly towards achieving sustainability in the Rural, Urban and Industrial Sectors. 

To mark India’s 75th Independence Day celebrations, Anand Chordia pledged to donate 75,000 native trees. TEFF has grown 37 varieties of Indian native tree saplings donated to corporates, schools/colleges and responsible citizen groups to conserve biodiversity and convert barren land to fertile. The initiative started on 15th August last year and was completed by November 2022.

“I completely believe that our nation’s health lies in the health of the soil and also the concept of waste to wealth and waste to health; I believe we can make our country cleaner, greener, healthier and prosperous if we continue to work in this direction and empower everyone to live sustainably. I feel great that we could do our bit for the 75th independence year for our nation. It makes me feel happy and content, and I am looking forward to contributing much more, “smiles Anand Chordia.

The foundation has also undertaken plant distribution and plantation drives at multiple locations, institutions, and private farms. 

Describing his initiative, Chordia said, “To carry out our numerous projects in an organized manner, we have divided our methodology into four S, namely – SEVA, SETU, SATVA and SANVARDHAN. Our purpose is to enable all to embrace sustainable lifestyles and practices.”

The foundation has four fundamental focus areas – Rural, Urban, Industrial and Individual sustainability with a mission:

a) To promote sustainable living in a multidisciplinary way in urban and industrial sectors.

b) Support and promote eco-entrepreneurship (India’s first waste management park).

c) Create business opportunities at the rural level (Shashwat Bharat Krishi rath).

d) Achieve NET ZERO India.

Chordia’s vision is to make everyone a pioneer in enabling and empowering sustainable living to inculcate a healthy lifestyle and foster traditional yet innovative procedures for people, planet and prosperity. “Greening the Earth, improving, enhancing & conservation of biodiversity and conservation of Indian Native Trees is what we are working relentlessly towards”, he sums up.

Website:  https://theecofactoryfoundation.org/


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