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A healthcare software company has joined the University of Leeds’ Nexus innovation hub.

Dedalus, which serves 6,300 healthcare organisations across the world, providing services to more than 540 million people, will use Nexus as a focal point to drive collaboration and innovation with its customers in the UK and Ireland.

The company has an established presence in Leeds, with offices in Sovereign Street. Its expansion to Nexus will create a flexible collaboration space, which will be available to healthcare organisations, partners and employees.

Sally Stanley, Dedalus market development director for UK and Ireland, said: “Leeds is an established base for digital healthcare and so it felt the right place to locate our innovation centre.

Dr Martin Stow, Nexus director, added: “We’re delighted to welcome a world leader in healthcare software to the Nexus community, which further strengthens our reputation as a centre of excellence for innovation in medical technology, digital health and life sciences.

“Our base at Nexus will be much more than increased office space. It will be an innovation hub for colleagues and customers from across the UK, Ireland and Europe. We wanted to be part of the bigger picture in the city, linking to the innovative Nexus business community and its wider networks and working closely with the experts at the University of Leeds who are leading transformative change in healthcare.”

“The access we provide to extensive collaborative research and consultancy opportunities, both with the university and our wider innovation network, means we’re becoming home to a growing number of innovative companies across the healthcare sector.”

Dedalus is also actively working with the Nexus team to stage conferences, seminars and networking events for the healthcare and life sciences sector and its international customer base.

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