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What comes to mind when you think of South-Central London? The iconic heart of London – culture, diversity, history, an unwavering sense of energy, a thriving hub for business and arts, transport links, incredible architecture, the river… the list could go on. However, it is about to get better. Amazing things are happening right here, right now, to bring investment and regeneration to this area and make South-Central London synonymous with world-class science, innovation, health and technology.
Welcome to SC1 – the best in health and innovation right on your doorstep.

What is SC1?

SC1 is London’s new Life Sciences Innovation District founded to create a transformative life sciences ecosystem here in South-Central London. It has a simple mission to reimagine innovation and health equity. What this means for you is access to the best healthcare and the facilities to ensure everyone can reach their full potential for health and wellbeing, and homegrown cutting-edge science that will have an enduring impact not only locally but across the world.

How did SC1 come about?

SC1 is the culmination of a vision to build a world-recognised home for life sciences in the heart of the capital and bring together world-leading institutions already making a difference in South-Central London under one umbrella. SC1 is anchored by the world-class university, King’s College London (KCL), and supported by the founding partners of three NHS Foundations Trusts (Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, King’s College Hospital, South London and Maudsley), the Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation, and the Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

Why was it decided to create a science district here in my area?

The area’s homegrown universities and hospitals already host a wealth of clinical and research expertise, which, coupled with the unique demographic of South-Central London, have the potential to transform the area into a powerhouse of healthcare innovation. Lambeth and Southwark are home to an incredibly diverse community, with over 150 languages spoken. This culturally-rich setting not only offers SC1 a diverse and talented workforce to pull from but is the ideal backdrop to address equal and fair access to healthcare.

How is the SC1 District made up, will it be an actual area?

SC1 is centred around three thriving innovation hubs all in close proximity to one another:

Aerial view of Westminster Bridge – MedTech Hub (Area marked in red is Royal Street).

• The MedTech Hub at the Westminster Bridge Campus will host biomedical engineering and healthcare technology, including a Surgical Interventional Engineering Suite for the creation and implantation of medical devices, KCL’s London Institute for Healthcare Engineering for early product development and Stanhope’s Royal Street development for MedTech businesses.

Aerial view of London Bridge –
BioMedical Hub (Area marked in red is Snowsfields Quarter).

• The BioMedical Hub at the London Bridge Campus will focus on drug discovery and experimental medicine. Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation recently appointed Oxford Properties and Reef to partner with them in the development of their properties on Snowsfields as life sciences scale space.

• The Mind & Body Hub at the Denmark Hill Campus will build on the expertise of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurosciences in connecting the mind and body. The hub also fosters innovation in Neurosurgery, Transplant and Haematology. Capital projects that will support the growth of this hub include:
o The Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young Peoples’ mental health, combining research and NHS practice to change the story on mental health and help transform the lives of children and young people
o A new Haematology Institute

What will SC1 mean for me?

What this means for local people and the community at large is the very best of innovation and healthcare services on your doorstep, 60,000 new high-quality jobs in the sector by 2050, an enhanced local environment with regeneration and sustainability, and pride in the area in which you live and work. We hope you benefit from SC1, but also come on this journey with us and be a part of this exciting vision.
For scientists and researchers, SC1 provides access to world-class facilities, prime real estate and lab space and an opportunity to collaborate with one another in close proximity.

What opportunities will SC1 offer for local entrepreneurs?

For entrepreneurs, the District is an opportunity to collaborate with world-class stakeholders in the NHS, KCL, investors, private sector companies and more importantly to get mentorship via accelerators. In the long term, SC1 aims to foster transformative partnerships with local and global industry partners, entrepreneurs, community and stakeholders, who are united in the aim to increase health and wealth both locally and globally.

Georgina Rizik the Executive Director for SC1 says, “Patients, people and partnerships are at the heart of SC1’s goals. Together, we will create a District that is truly game-changing for innovation and health equity, while solidifying London as one of the best global Life Sciences hubs in the world.”


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