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Brother ADS-4900W Scanner Review for Healthcare


Brother ADS-4900W Scanner Review for Healthcare

High speed scanners are an extremely important technology in most healthcare organizations.  As we work to automate everything using NLP and AI, it is important that all of the information about a patient is electronic.  In the past you may scan these patient documents, consent forms, etc to avoid having to store them in a separate paper chart.  Now, a nice combination of OCR, NLP, and AI allow a healthcare organization to take these scanned documents and turn them into structured data that can be used to improve the care the patient receives, improve the business, or both.

One of the most recently announced high speed scanners that work well in healthcare is the Brother ADS-4900W.  Most of you probably know the Brother name for their printers, but they have high speed scanners as well.  In fact, if you’re familiar with the Brother printers, you’re going to feel at home with the Brother ADS-4900W which uses a similar touch screen interface as their printers.

Brother sent me the scanner to review its features and functions.  Take a look at some of the standout features and stats or watch the video below for the full review:

  • 60 pages per minute – duplex scanning
  • 100 page ADF capacity
  • Twain driver
  • Auto de-skew
  • Ultrasonic scanner (identifies misfeeds)
  • Auto document rotation’
  • Blank page skip
  • 4.3” color touchscreen display
  • Active Directory Integration, LDAP, or built in authentication
  • Scan preview to touch screen
  • Auto scan start
  • Wireless, Ethernet, and USB
  • iPrint Scan and scan essentials software
  • 3 year warranty

Learn more about the Brother ADS-4900W.

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