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Dassault Systemes built 3DEXPERIENCE Lab on its research and development facilities in Pune, one of three labs worldwide, with the goal of helping the start-up ecosystem in India, according to Frederic Vacher. Vacher revealed that they are developing a smartwatch that indicates your sugar level in real-time for the first time in the world as part of their global innovation.

“We are supporting start-up PKVitality which is developing a Diabetic watch that will help patients have a better quality of life. This watch shows our sugar level. The most difficult part of this type of project is to come to the industrialized product but I am sure that sooner or later we would be able to start manufacturing of this product which will be available in India too.”

Vacher said that PkVitality Dassault SYSTEMES 3DEXPERIENCE Lab startup is developing the next generation of tracking devices that will help millions of people to improve their health. We are mixing the accuracy of a medical device and the ease and convenience of consumer electronic devices to bring K’Watch to market, a smartwatch that will either track Glucose or Lactate painlessly and in real-time.

Vacher said that the Pune lab offers entrepreneurs and start-ups unique resources to work on disruptive innovations, leverage collective intelligence and nurture projects that have the potential to transform society. “We are supporting Lucid Implants, a Pune-based start-up that designs, develops, and produces Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) and neurosurgical implants that are custom-sized and formed to match each patient’s unique anatomy.

Vacher said the other startup which we are supporting is BrainSight AI, which develops AI-based diagnostic tools to aid in the functional research of the brain using MRI images. These technologies can assist psychiatrists and neurologists in detecting mental problems as well as neurosurgeons in pre-surgical planning. Vacher said that their technology is supporting them in their attempts to use artificial intelligence to transform the diagnosis and prognosis of neuropsychiatric illnesses.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is an essential component of their comprehensive end-to-end solution, seamlessly integrating virtual surgical planning for 3D pre-surgical simulation, customised anatomical models for evidence-based mock surgical evaluation, intraoperative patient-specific surgical guides for surgical precision, and personalised implants for perfect fitment,” the head of Innovation at Dassault Systemes said.

“BrainSightAI is pilot testing their prototype with two hospital chains, one of which being India’s largest private hospital chain. 3DEXPERIENCE Lab’s open innovation laboratory and accelerator programme is assisting BrainSightAI, an Indian neuroscience firm, in its attempts to use artificial intelligence to transform the diagnosis and prognosis of neuro-psychiatric illnesses.

Dassault Systemes has launched the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab to support those innovators who also wish to change the world, or simply just make it a better place to live. “We embrace social enterprise and draw upon our long history of engineering in the virtual world to empower those with new perspectives on innovation. The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab brings a new framework of openness, merging collective intelligence with a cross-collaborative approach to foster entrepreneurship and bring new experiences to life, as well as to strengthen society’s future of creation.”

Vacher said that entrepreneurs, makers and innovators can apply for 3DEXPERIENCE Lab support under the six themes like City, Life, Lifestyle, Internet of Things, Ideation and Fablab. Our goal is to build a community of intelligent, creative and passionate people, focused on positively impacting society, through disruptive, groundbreaking projects. Catharina Frostad, founder of Clean Sea solution, which is supported by Dassault Systemes, said that they are developing sustainable solutions to clean up the ocean.

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