Covestro debuts drug delivery device from medical-grade polycarbonates

Covestro introduces a proof-of-concept drug delivery device, manufactured from its portfolio of medical-grade polycarbonate resins. 

The device uses discrete polycarbonates in each piece, simplifying sorting and recycling after disposal of bio-contaminated pieces. It demonstrates how various polycarbonates and blends may be used including: Covestro’s Medical low friction Makrolon polycarbonate, Medical glass-filled Makrolon polycarbonate, high flow Medical Makrolon polycarbonate, and Medical Bayblend PC+ABS. Each plays a specific and significant role in creating a high-functioning and sustainable solution that can reduce medical waste and enhance patient comfort. For an emphasis on sustainability, our recently announced low carbon footprint Makrolon RE polycarbonate for healthcare can also be used.  

Covestro has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing polycarbonate for the medical device industry. This demonstration device shows the breadth of the company’s healthcare-grade portfolio. Covestro’s range of biocompatible, medical grade products are already used across a wide range of applications from IV access to surgical instruments to drug delivery solutions.

When tasked with aiming to improve sustainability in the medical world, Covestro relied on the specialised qualities of products from several different parts of its medical-grade polycarbonate portfolio. Medical low-friction Makrolon polycarbonate improves consistency by allowing for smooth action inside the device, meaning parts last longer and doses are easier to administer with less force. Medical glass-filled Makrolon polycarbonate offers superior rigidity and dimensional stability under spring load. High flow Makrolon polycarbonate and Bayblend PC+ABS allow for thin-walled designs that reduce overall device weight and plastics use while maintaining strength and shape (available in transparent, opaque, and colored versions).  Finally, every part is custom moulded to work together without fasteners, meaning disassembly, sorting, and recycling are simplified.

“The healthcare industry is always looking for sustainable solutions and to reduce medical waste,” said Lauren Zetts, America’s marketing manager, Healthcare – Polycarbonates, Covestro LLC. “This unit has concepts that innovate on multiple fronts, and we hope it inspires counterparts in the medical device manufacturing community to take the innovation even further.”


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