Byju’s-owned Great Learning buys Northwest Executive Education in a likely

Byju’s-owned Great Learning has announced the acquisition of Singapore-based Northwest Executive Education, a global provider of executive education programmes. Although Great Learning hasn’t disclosed the exact valuation of the deal, sources say that the transaction is worth over $100 million.

The edtech decacorn Byju’s has spent nearly $2 billion in acquisitions in segments like K-12 tutoring, upskilling, test preparations etc.

Great Learning was acquired by Byju’s in 2021, expanding its offerings beyond the K-12 and test prep segment for $600 million.

Northwest will continue to operate as an independent organisation under the leadership of its co-founders, Mohit Jain, Tamhant Jain and Maitreyi Singhvi. Great Learning and Byju’s are investing in Northwest to lead its future growth, helping underscore the global ambition of the organisations. Northwest and Great Learning would leverage synergies to expand the portfolio of offerings and cater to learners across India, Asia, US, Latin America and Europe in blended and online learning formats.

Established in 2015, Northwest Executive Education claims to offer comprehensive programmes by top global educational institutions, from universities such as MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale, UCLA, University of Chicago, National University of Singapore, among others, and is expanding across US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. It focuses on comprehensive programs in management, leadership, technology, healthcare, innovation and other in-demand executive learning areas, enrolling participants from 50+ countries across its program portfolio. With a deep focus on high-quality application-oriented learning and personalised coaching for participants, Northwest said it has achieved ~99 per cent completion rate since inception.

“Northwest complements the strengths of Great Learning, with a strong and expanding portfolio of programs from global top tier Universities. The guiding philosophy of both companies has always been aligned towards making high quality education accessible, and providing learners with the skills required to succeed in the digital economy. Northwest will accelerate Great Learning’s efforts to provide learners across the globe with best in class learning opportunities from world’s top Universities,” said Mohan Lakhamraju, founder and CEO, Great Learning.

“We have built a strong global portfolio of programs through our collaborations with some of the world’s best universities. We are excited to join forces with Byju’s Great Learning for our next phase of growth and accelerate our shared vision of creating global access to affordable, high-quality learning from world’s best universities,” pointed out Mohit Jain and Tamhant Jain, co-founders of Northwest.  Ends



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