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Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction With the New…


Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction With the New…

Background Patient satisfaction has become an influential corner in the health services process. Web-based appointment scheduling has been expanded for its benefits and has become a popular research topic. This study’s objectives were to assess patients’ satisfaction and perception with the new Web-Based Medical Appointment System “Mawid” program and determine the associated factors at the Primary Health Care Centers level in Jazan Southwest Saudi Arabia. Methods An observational cross-sectional survey was implemented among 424 adults aged 18 years and above, attending a randomly selected 12 primary health care centers in the Jizan region, Southwest Saudi Arabia. The study instrument included socio-demographic background information, perception, and level of satisfaction with the new appointment system. Responses were analyzed using the SPSS program by applying descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. Results The overall level of satisfaction was very high at 94.3% with 95% C.I. (91.7-96.1). A large proportion of study participants were highly satisfied with the new Web-Based Medical appointment System “Mawid” as nine satisfaction items scored a level of satisfaction of 90% and above. Regarding the perception, 89.1% of the participants agreed that the appointment booking system regulates the number of patients, while 87.7% of participants considered that the appointment system reduces clinic crowding. More than half of respondents (61.8%) agreed that the community culture might limit the scheduling system’s use. Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis suggested that male patients were more likely to have a higher level of satisfaction as compared with female (COR= 2.95, 95% C.I.:1.15-7.60, p = 0.025) and (AOR= 3.12, 95% C.I:1.14-8.52, p = 0.026), respectively. Conclusions In conclusion, this study revealed a high level of satisfaction among study the participants with the new Web-Based Medical Appointment System “Mawid.” The system effectively improved patients’ satisfaction with registration and reduced waiting times. Patients' satisfaction can be assessed regularly and used systematically as a quality and benchmarking instrument in primary health care.


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