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As many as four health innovation projects from Croatia were among the 20 selected to be funded this year by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in the health segment for Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (EIT Health RIS), Večernji list wrote on Sunday.

This is the fourth year that the support program has been operating within the EU, and 80 projects have applied. And four promising projects were selected from Croatia, more than from any other Central and Eastern European country.

The EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) supports the development of health innovation in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe and has launched an initiative that has been assessed as advanced according to the European Innovation Scoreboard. The consortium behind the selected innovations will receive up to €75,000 for product or solution development, mentoring, a boot camp site and access to potential investors and partners through EIT Health, a network of top health innovators.

The concepts MEGI, PsyFlux, StressLyft and Man and Machine Interface were supported from Croatia.

MEGI aims to develop a virtual cardiovascular health assistant that uses artificial intelligence to use personalized protocols to remind patients to take medications and take blood pressure measurements at home.

The PsyFlux consortium is developing a telemetry device to monitor intracranial pressure, which can be used outside of hospitals without the risk of infection, allowing the patient to participate in daily activities.

StressLyft is an educational course on workplace stress and stress relief skills, based on interactive video content that employers can provide to their employees to prevent stress at work.

The Gesture-Based Human-Machine Interface Concept for Guided Orthopaedic Surgery aims to develop new medical devices that help surgeons make millimetre-precision measurements during hip replacement surgeries and possibly other types of surgeries.


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