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Dubai: The second-largest city in Switzerland, Geneva, is attracting more visitors from GCC every year compared to other Swiss cities because of its many family-friendly attractions, flight connectivity, and cosmopolitan panache.

Geneva offers guests a distinct experience against a backdrop of natural beauty. Located at the foot of the Alps, Geneva has a picturesque view of Lake Geneva, one of Europe’s largest lakes, and Mont-Blanc, one of the continent’s highest mountain, all within one hour. 

Besides being a top travel destination due to its exceptional hospitality, stunning scenery, and shopping options, Geneva has also seen a marked increase in medical tourism over the past few years, with people travelling from GCC for healthcare services in the Swiss city.

Swiss healthcare ranks top in the 2021 World Index of Healthcare Innovation with a 65.15 score beating the Netherlands and Germany. It’s medical facilities offer high-quality care and have world-class infrastructure, drawing patients from around the world.

Hôpital de La Tour, the leading private hospital in Geneva, offers special services and amenities to Arab patients so they can enjoy the highest quality care. These include employing nurses and care coordinators who speak Arabic, offering translation services, upscale private suites, limousine services, concierge services, making hotel reservations, and more.

Rodolphe Eurin, the Chief Executive Officer of Hôpital de La Tour said: “The quality of services is probably the most significant factor considered by health tourists before deciding where to travel. Therefore, the availability of a comprehensive healthcare system is an influential factor driving Geneva’s popularity as a highly preferred healthcare destination.”

“With no quarantine requirements for vaccinated visitors, we are expecting tourist arrivals to increase as the summer hits GCC. Hence, we are launching our HighCare checkups for anyone who would like to get an overview of their health and recommendations for maintaining it.” he added.

A HighCare checkup extends beyond a standard checkup because it combines innovative diagnostic methods that have been scientifically and clinically proven. Epigenetic and biomarker tests, obtained through blood tests, further enable the hospital to understand the individual’s health status and identify any potential risks to which they can take preventive action.

Eurin explained: “Sport, health, nutrition, and metabolism all have a close physical and medical connection that offers unique insights. Our innovative diagnostic tools investigate these aspects to provide a detailed assessment of the patients’ physical health. It brings into action our vision of health to provide interdisciplinary and comprehensive care to restore performance levels and quality of life.”

The hospital is offering three plans under the newly introduced HighCare checkups – HighCare 1, HighCare 2 and Stay@mybest Health Check – each offering specialised medical care.

The HighCare 1 plan, which requires only a half-day, thoroughly evaluates one’s health. In addition to a clinical examination and an analysis of personal medical history, it entails an electrocardiogram (EKG) to look for cardiac dysfunctions and a basic biological workup that includes a complete blood count, measurements of kidney, liver, and thyroid function, levels of iron, zinc, and particular vitamins, as well as testing for diabetes and high cholesterol. A measurement of advanced glycation end products in the body is taken noninvasively through a unique device.

HighCare Checkup 2, which can be completed in a single day, is available for people who want a more thorough evaluation of their health. It includes all the tests from HighCare Checkup 1 in addition to measurements of the body composition, a stress echocardiogram, ultrasound imaging of arteries, blood tests that measure various biomarkers, and an evaluation of the effects of the individual’s lifestyle.

The Stay@mybest Health Check is designed for everyone who wants an overview of their health and recommendations on maintaining it by providing a personalised plan for staying healthy. It goes beyond a conventional check-up and, when combined with the sports medicine approach, gives the patient a 360° view of their present state of health and the steps they should take to maintain it and reach any goals they may have set for themselves.

Eurin added: “Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our patients, so we continue to care for them even after their checkups are completed. We provide regular teleconsultation follow-ups and, where necessary, coordinate with their local family doctor.  As a leading healthcare destination, we strive to create outstanding patient experiences and turn every patient into a genuine testimonial who recommends our healthcare services to their friends and family.”

The hospital provides quick and streamlined remote consultations as part of the HighCare checkups with prescriptions, and medical certificates emailed to the patient and their local primary care physician.


About Hôpital de La Tour:

Founded in 1976, Hôpital de La Tour is the leading private and independent healthcare facility based in Geneva, Switzerland offering high-level acute care to local and international patients. Committed to delivering the best possible quality of life to its patients, La Tour places continuous improvement and medical excellence at the heart of its priorities. The hospital’s ambitions are backed by highly skilled doctors and nursing staff, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure. It is the only private institution in French-speaking Switzerland to offer 24/7 emergency care, internal medicine, intensive and continuous care, as well as pulmonary services for acute care. It is also equipped with an intermediate neonatal care unit and a sports medicine facility benefiting from a Swiss Olympic Medical Center accreditation.

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