Google Chrome Version 100: An Innovation or a Hindrance? Leave a comment

by Sayantani Sanyal April 4, 2022

Google Chrome has recently launched Version 100, but innovators are unsure about it

Google has recently launched the Google Chrome Version 100, which aims to fix 28 other vulnerabilities, which include a safety check, enhanced safe browsing, and the ability to control website access to one’s location and device. The company claims that the version 100 update is rolling out on stable channels now across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. With Google 100, the browser’s user-agent string now uses a three-digital version number compared to a two-digital number. After testing its implementation, some sites still have the new user-agent string issues, but they were quickly resolved by the developers, so these sites now support the three-digital version.

The Google team announced that Chrome 100 will be the last version of the browser with an unlimited user-agent string. The combination of parameters that are implemented in the new version would always enable the identification of other users based on their user-agent strings. To reduce this option, Google is planning to reduce the information in the user-agent string to only the browser’s brand and significant version.

The browser’s new safety check features allow users to quickly check a few security settings like available updates, the strength of their passwords, whether safe browsing is enabled or not, and such other stuff.

The Google Chrome version also enhances safe browsing protection and adds a few extra layers to the standard protection, the version also improves security for the users and also for other Google apps when they are signed in.

But there are innovators who fear that Version 100 could cause various problems for other online platforms which are programmed to identify browsers that have two-digit version numbers. But Google’s recent innovation is an upgrade or a hindrance, only time will tell.

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