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In the last two years, digital healthcare technology has advanced and expanded greatly. It provides chances to completely alter how care and services are provided. The interaction between patients, physicians, and the hospital’s systems is changing as a result of technology. In the past two years, Jehangir Hospital has experienced a paradigm shift as a result of providing the teams with digital tools to deliver patient-centered healthcare.

BOTS (Blood Order & Transfusion safety). A unique digital platform for online blood ordering and transfusion safety enabling real-time communication between hospital and blood centre for Blood ordering, order tracking, Haemovigilance, and adverse reaction reporting3. Document Record Management System, This technology helps to store digitised patient information in a structured and collaborative space that’s accessible anytime, digitally.

The assistance of the experts, administrative leaders, and personnel allowed for the successful implementation of numerous digital initiatives. Some of these initiatives include: 1. PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is a medical imaging technology used to securely store and digitally transmit electronic images and clinically-relevant reports.2.

This is all done while keeping in mind data privacy and confidentiality of records. User logins and rights are defined accordingly. Hospitals have also been able to enhance the delivery process and standardise and raise the quality of porter services with the use of digital technology in operations management. One-stop shopping is made possible by the Porter Management System, which enables online booking of labour as well as tracking of events from assignment to final delivery.

“We are Immensely proud and honoured to receive the “Digital Business Innovation Award for Healthcare, and would like to thank Quantic India and the Jury members from KPMG for it,” said Santhosh K, IT Head Jehangir Hospital. “With the use of digital technology in operations management, we have been able to reduce the cost, improve the delivery process as well as standardise and improve the quality of porter services.

The nearest porter can start the trip to the designated place after receiving the request on their mobile device. Utilisation information is provided via smart analytics for each porter. This automation eliminates the burden of phone calls, manual reservations, and frequent calls to trace the porter. Jehangir Hospital received a “Digital Business Innovation Award for Healthcare”, in the recently held Digital technology excellence award organised by Quantic India in association with IBM.

We will be continuing this journey of digitization and technological enhancement in healthcare in the future,” added Santhosh. Speaking on this occasion, Vinod Sawantwadkar, CEO of Jehangir Hospital said, “This is a reward for the hard work put in by the entire Jehangir Hospital team. This is just the beginning of our technological journey towards leveraging to achieve predictive, preventative, personalised, and participative healthcare for the community.”

He added, “2022 marks the 77th year of Jehangir Hospital and with each passing year, It has grown stronger, better and bigger. It’s not just a statement, but at Jehangir Hospital, we witness history in the making in every department, every day. Hundreds of patients visit our hospital on a daily basis and we’ve had many instances where the patients have left us with a great testimony that we proudly share with the world and it also adds more strength to our foundation of care.

When the foundation is strong, our legacy of care can soar higher into the skies of medical excellence and for us, the sky would not be limited.” Technological advancements have further extended to patients’ bedsides to support in accomplishing significant contributions to patient safety. One such initiative was the electronic Modified early warning scoring system. This initiative won accolades at the FICCI Healthcare Excellence award in patient safety. The hospital has benefited greatly from digitization in numerous ways. Costs have decreased and, more crucially, errors have been minimised thanks to accurate and automated data collecting. Delivery of care has improved, as has patient satisfaction, staff management has improved, and operational management efficiency has taken hold. Technology will influence healthcare more than any other factor, and it will continue to grow dramatically in the future; hospital achievements are merely a preview of emerging trends. This story is provided by NewsVoir.

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