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Soloc stairlift lap belt image

Soloc stairlift lap belt imageSoloc has updated its product range to include two new versions of its pioneering magnetic wheelchair lap belt: with and without electronic sensors for stairlifts.

The stairlift lap belts give people with limited mobility and dexterity the option to be able to connect the belt easily with only one hand; the simple pull-tab design allows for an easy release.

Soloc’s cutting-edge design means that disabled people with only single hand use are able to use a stairlift belt, thanks to the magnetic connection. This supports single-handed care and gives disabled clients greater confidence, freedom, and safety when using a stairlift belt.

The lap belts use magnets to perform the alignment and initial connection. With no force required, the parts connect automatically. Once connected, the internal clips mechanically lock the units together. The lap belts can be fitted for either right- or left-handed use.

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Two versions of the Soloc stairlift lap belt are now available: with and without an electronic sensor. Inventor Tony Garlick has received several enquiries about the use of the belt without the sensor, as this version can be offered to people who already have a stairlift but find it difficult to connect the standard buckle, he told AT Today.

The sensor version is supplied with an electrical interlock to meet the new ISO EN81-40 safety standard in 2023. This version ensures no power is applied to the chair until the belt is connected to reduce falls and promote safety.

While all new stairlifts from 2023 will include an interlock for improved safety, this will not help the thousands of current users who have difficulty with lap belts and buckles, Tony explains. The Soloc lap belt, without the interlock, can be used to replace the existing belt to promote safety.

This unit is suitable for most existing stairlifts in current use and provides people with additional safety and security where they are unable to connect the standard lap belts. This will give the user improved safety and greater confidence while using the lift.

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