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In many ways, Malta has claimed its position as a forerunner in the medical field. With a model healthcare system, an internationally sought-after medical school, and multiple government initiatives, Malta’s level of excellence in healthcare is undeniable.

“We cannot stop there,” said Dylan Attard, conference CEO and Co-Chair at Med-Tech World.

Med-Tech World is an online platform founded on the principles of digital health. Led by Dylan Attard, Med-Tech World is run by physicians focused on shining the spotlight on novel medical technology, innovative ideas, and up-and-coming physicians.

“Over the past couple of years, healthcare has become our patient that is deteriorating every day,” said Dr Attard when asked about the overarching goal of Med-Tech World.

“It is up to all involved stakeholders to pull together to achieve the best possible outcome – better healthcare for all.”

Dr Attard explained how innovation in digital health is likely to roll out in waves. “In general, hospitals have embraced digitalised information systems, while physicians are moving on towards sharing medical records with patients through secure and dedicated networks.

This is especially true of Malta. Digital Health does not stop at medical records,” Dr Attard added, arguing that it is within the prerogative of hospitals and physicians everywhere to stay ahead of the curve and ride the waves of innovation.

“There is an impressive amount of potential. If we are certain of one thing, it is how little we know now compared to how much there is to learn. Ai, Robotics… the sky is the limit.” Dr Attard and his team of physicians are dedicated to cultivate Med-Tech World into a hub of innovation and learning.

To this end, numerous summits are hosted throughout the year by Med-Tech, with the sole intention of gathering the industry’s thought leaders under one roof for panels, workshops and even pitch competitions.

Years of medical and start-up experience converge with premier networking events happening around the globe, with the flagship event taking place in November during Malta Week.

Med-Tech World is not Dr Attard’s first digital health project. In the midst of the global pandemic, he co-founded and Digital Health Malta, platforms that successfully kick-started the digitalisation of the doctor-patient relationship, making healthcare more efficient and accessible for doctor and patient alike.

Med-Tech World has earned the reputation for hosting quality summits across the globe throughout the year. The last event was held in Belgrade, Serbia as part of the first-ever Balkans Summit with astounding success.

On November 17-18, the leading pioneers in medicine, technology and digital health are invited to join Med-Tech World at the Hilton Hotel for two days of discussions and innovation. As a platform for entrepreneurs, Med-Tech World is perfect for the showcasing of products and establishing connections.

Med-Tech World takes place at the same time as Malta Week, SiGMA Group’s flagship event of the year. Combining all of the company’s brands into one massive event, this is the perfect opportunity for delegates to get the best bang for their buck.

Visitors of both Med-Tech and AIBC Summits will benefit from cross-pollination, experiencing the massive overlap between digital health and emerging technology, such as in the use of robotics in surgery, or the benefits of the Metaverse for the life sciences.

The event takes place in November, over three days of panels, workshops and networking opportunities. This year, Malta Week returns to the Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali, from November 14-18.

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