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As the healthcare industry’s shift to digital charges ahead, hospital systems want to ensure the transition doesn’t overburden their already stressed-out workforces, several health IT leaders told Becker’s.

Of the top challenges facing CIOs today, making technology easy to use got the third-most mentions in a poll of 12 of the executives by Becker’s. Staffing and cybersecurity came in first and second, respectively.

Here are some of the responses (lightly edited for clarity):

Michael Pfeffer, MD, CIO and associate dean for technology and digital solutions at Stanford Health Care and School of Medicine in Palo Alto, Calif.: “Our providers and staff are our most critical asset. They have put their lives on the line to care for our patients and have gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic. We want to do everything we can to make their experience with technology as stress-free and seamless as possible. We are continuously looking for ways to take friction out of the system by simplifying and rationalizing technology we have deployed.”

Michael Restuccia, senior vice president and CIO of Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine: “We want to maintain a culture of team as we meander our way through the trials and tribulations of a hybrid work force.”

Will Weider, senior vice president and CIO of Vancouver, Wash.-based PeaceHealth: “Staff shortages are creating very challenging situations for front-line caregivers, especially in hospitals. At PeaceHealth we are doing everything we can to support these caregivers, including making our technology less burdensome; deploying new technologies that increase productivity; and supporting innovative care models.”


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