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Qosina expands Class VI tubing portfolio

Qosina expands Class VI tubing portfolio

Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single- use components to the medical and bioprocess industries, has expanded its Class VI tubing portfolio with several new brands including Venabio, Braided Flexelene, Flexelene 135C and EJ Prene.

Qosina offers an extensive selection of stock and custom tubing in conveniently packaged small coils for prototyping and extended lengths for large-scale production requirements. Choose from more than 200 options in a variety of brands, types, diameters, durometers, and materials. 

Qosina carries a selection of these Class VI tubing brands: 

  • PharMed BPT 
  • SaniPure BDF
  • TuFlux
  • C-Flex
  • Tygon
  • PharMed BPT 
  • Sani-Tech
  • Venabio
  • Braided Flexelene 135C 
  • Flexelene 135C 
  • EJ Prene