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Qualcomm, an American tech company, has introduced the Africa Innovation Platform, a mentorship, education, and training program to help Africa’s new tech industry grow.

In a statement, Qualcomm said that the platform would help local universities, small to medium-sized startups, and grant recipients by giving them access to Qualcomm Technologies Inc.’s engineers and its advanced mobile platforms and technologies, such as 4G, 5G, IoT, AI, and machine learning.

The Africa Innovation Platform will also help African entrepreneurs and researchers serve markets all over the continent and take part in many economic sectors, such as education, healthcare, agriculture, critical infrastructure, smart cities, and innovative industries.

This program builds on Qualcomm’s recent experience running similar, successful projects in Taiwan, India, and Vietnam.

Applications will be accepted soon, and details about the application procedure, eligibility requirements, and program benefits will be available on Qualcomm’s website.




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