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Samsung’s Solve For Tomorrow competition has been inspiring change makers the world over for over a decade. This year, India gets its turn in the sun!

The competition called for creators/thinkers/tinkerers in the age group of 16-22 to come forward with their ideas for change in 4 key areas: healthcare, environment, education and agriculture. To say that the team was inundated with entries, is an understatement.

From all over the country, teams have sent in entries that range from fully fleshed out business ideas with working prototypes, to those that are still exploring how to bring their ideas into the real world through engineering or coding or a combination of both. What stunned the contest team was the quality and breadth of these ideas, as well as the novel thinking that has gone into them.

After much deliberation, the Samsung team has whittled down the list to the Top 50. So far, the count is skewed towards healthcare – 30 of the Top 50 ideas are focused on healthcare solutions spanning monitoring devices, diagnostic aids, treatment improvements, special aids for the differently abled, improvements that help medical and ambulance services, and two very interesting ideas around menstruation.

Monitoring Devices

Participants were clearly excited by the possibilities that wearable tech offers. From IoT Trailblazers’ GPS enabled devices for Alzheimer’s patients to BioPatch’s continuous glucose monitoring device for diabetics, to Alpha Monitor’s wristband that detects fall, abnormal BP and pulse rates and alerts one’s doctor, wearable tech is all the rage. CAD’s wearable ECG vest focuses on cardiac arrhythmia, while Likhidar Reddy’s heart monitoring device targets people with cardiovascular disease and asthma, and alerts not just their doctors, but near and dear ones close by. sMile’s bike safety system detects when the rider is wearing a helmet, and even if they’ve had a drink or two and prevents the bike from starting – talk about preventive medicine!

Diagnostic Aids

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning reigned supreme when it came to finding ways to diagnose diseases in individuals and larger populations. Snippet’s AI algorithm will help detect pneumothorax after reading an XRay, TANGsters’ ML model based app will help in diagnosing dementia using patients’ drawings of the CDT test, PneumoSense’s mobile app will detect pneumonia using ML, and PhysicianBOT is a chatbot that will help patients know when their symptoms warrant a doctor’s visit. AsyncThread’s data warehousing solution and ML algorithm are aiming higher – they want to predict oncoming pandemics, and help the medical supply chain prepare for these eventualities. Team Outlaws are developing AI algorithms that will potentially help in the development of new drugs.

On Time Access to Medical Supplies

When it comes to good outcomes in medical emergencies, the most important factor is the speed at which the patient receives medical care. India is a vast nation, with a physician shortage, and each improvement in this regard has the potential to save millions of lives. The CriticalCare app will ensure that fully equipped ambulances reach patients on time, AIOverflow’s app will work on delivering oxygen, plasma, medicines to hospitals in just 10-15 mins, Team UVIRA’s drones will make it possible to transport medical supplies in emergency situations over long distances and in remote locations.

The Social Workers app and website will take the medical system online, making doctors consultations, ambulance services, etc available at the click of a button. xTend’s app will help people self diagnose certain diseases and with organising doctors’ appointments with nearby hospitals.

For the Differently Abled

Each aspect of life for a differently abled person comes with challenges most of us don’t understand, let alone, have the ability to solve. With the right technology though, differently abled persons can look forward to greater autonomy, and more ease, particularly in environments that aren’t designed with them in mind.

The JNV FBD MAAN’s wheelchair will convert into a crutch, when the user needs to navigate stairs, while the Svar app will use AI to facilitate speech treatment for anyone with speech problems. Team Divyaang’s water dispenser is designed keeping in mind the special needs of the differently abled. Enemies of Syntax’s app is meant to be a single source of truth for any and all assistance that differently abled people may need, while the OneSpace digital platform will help children with autism and their parents find easy access to mental health professionals and streamlined care.

Medical Devices

Some of these sound like science fiction, to be honest. E Dristi is a device that will provide artificial vision to the visually impaired through the use of a combination of technologies including object detection. Backyard Creators are working on a non surgical, adhesive hearing device while Able Innovation is replacing bone conduction coils in hearing aids with piezoelectric transducers that make the end product lighter, more efficient, with longer battery life and recharge potential, and less fatigue causing to users. Wiremasters’ device helps with therapeutic movement to persons suffering from muscular dystrophy.


Menstruation and feminine hygiene doesn’t get the attention it deserves, considering that half the human population menstruates for some part of their lives! Alphas Squad’s app will track those who do not have access to feminine hygiene products and connect them with donors who wish to help. Considering how expensive sanitary pads can be, Team Udaan are working towards creating an eco-friendly, affordable and washable product made from sugarcane waste.


In our next article, we’re excited to bring you the details of the entries received under Education, Agriculture and Environment. These Top 50 entrants will now attend a 3-day bootcamp at FIIT-IIT Delhi campus, where they will receive expert advice, guidance and mentoring.

Who knows what solutions the future may bring?

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