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Sanofi Global Health has announced the launch of Impact, a nonprofit brand of standard of care medicines developed by Sanofi.

Sanofi Global Health is a nonprofit unit within Sanofi, committed to increasing access to medicines considered essential by the World Health Organization (WHO) for patients in 40 lower income countries.

As part of a nonprofit distribution plan, Impact will make these medicines available to vulnerable populations in countries hit hardest by poverty.

Impact will enable 30 Sanofi medicines to be distributed to 40 lower-income countries, including insulin, glibenclamide and oxaliplatin, which are considered essential by WHO. Treatments for tuberculosis, malaria, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease will also be included.

Paul Hudson, chief executive officer at Sanofi said: “With critical medicines, relentless drive and impactful partnerships, we can take our innovation beyond the lab and use it to strengthen health systems and access to medicines for those most vulnerable communities of patients. Sanofi Global Health aims to improve the lives of millions of people who now cannot get the help they need.”

Sanofi Global Health was launched in 2021, and since its inception, has been focused on increasing access to healthcare through the distribution of medicines to local healthcare systems in countries with the lowest per capita gross domestic product. It is the first and only initiative at a global level to ensure access to a broad range of drugs.

Sanofi also announced that an Impact fund will be established to help start-up companies and other innovators support sustainable healthcare in regions with an unmet need.

The fund will offer financing and technical support, which will complement the Global Humanistic University goal to train healthcare professionals and help communities to provide sustainable care through global, regional and local investment.

The unveiling of Sanofi Global Health follows a gathering hosted by Sanofi in Paris, uniting key global health stakeholders in a discussion of how to build effective and sustainable end-to-end health programmes.

Jon Fairest, head of the global health unit at Sanofi, said: “The launch of the Impact brand and our Impact Fund are our latest steps to make our medicines available and to help bring quality, sustainable healthcare to people in the world’s poorest countries. But we know that we cannot do this alone, and so we are building partnerships at global, regional and local levels that will help to improve and establish health systems to reach our goal of a healthier, more resilient world.”


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