UltraCane electronic white cane

The UltraCane is an electronic white cane that represents a breakthrough in assistive technology for visually impaired people.


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The award-winning Ultracane white cane is modeled after the traditional white cane but with some important differences and new upgrades.

The signals transmitted to the user provide 100% protection, including the upper body: head and chest. Each of the two transducers provides data on the nearest potential hazard, including plants and their leaves, humans and their clothing, etc. This data makes the Ultracane suitable for use in high traffic areas as well as indoor spaces.

Each piece of information is delivered to the user by two small tactile vibrator buttons mounted on the molded handle of the Ultracane cane.

The Ultracane white cane provides blind and visually impaired people with an additional mobility aid. Just like the echolocation system used by bats and dolphins, it emits ultrasound. In fact, it is from the knowledge and understanding of bats that the Ultracane was developed. The bat emits an ultrasonic pulse and calculates the time required for the return echo. By its implicit knowledge of the speed of sound in the air, the bat is able to calculate the distance between itself and the object. This knowledge has been transferred to the Ultracane, which works in a similar way.

Ultrasound is emitted from two transducers on the Ultracane’s handle and bounces off objects and obstacles in the user’s path.

The Ultracane has several transmission ranges:

the short range detects obstacles within about 2 meters of the handle,
the long range detects obstacles within 4 meters of the handle,
the upper transducer can locate objects about 1.6 meters from the handle.
Feedback on obstacles encountered is provided by two buttons that vibrate on the handle to indicate the proximity of the object and whether it is in front of or above the user’s head. This provides users with much more detailed information about upcoming hazards than is possible with the traditional white cane, and is particularly useful for avoiding hazards at head height.

The Ultracane white cane gives the user more information about their surroundings and allows them to make decisions much faster, allowing them to move with more confidence and efficiency.


Comes with carrying case.
Spherical rotating tip.
Batteries and spare batteries included.
Warranty: 1 year.

In accordance with the legislation in force, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for supplies and goods made to the specifications of the consumer or clearly personalized.

Consequently, the right of withdrawal can not be exercised on this product ordered and made to measure.



If you are already a white cane user, choose your current cane length when ordering your UltraCane. If your cane size falls between the suggested sizes, for example if your cane is 122cm then order the next larger size (125cm). We recommend that you choose a larger rod size rather than ordering a rod that is too short.

If you do not have a white cane, it is important to ensure that you order the correct length for your height. If the cane is too short, a user will have to hold it too straight so that its sensors point to the ground, which of course will give you constant obstacle (ground) detection vibrations. If the cane is too long, the angle will be too small and the Ultracanne may not detect objects on the ground in front of the user.

For your information, to get the correct measurement to control your Ultracane, measure from the ground to the center of your sternum. Do not hesitate to ask for help in taking this measurement.


Shipping Continents: Europe, Asia

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