Technology: Innovation In Healthcare Discussed


Ahmedabad: The Healthcare Summit saw discussions on the impact of technology on healthcare, organ transplants and disaster victims, incentives to improve physical activity, sanitation and the use of AI for fitness coaching among others. The session was moderated by Prof Tarun Jain, chairperson of Centre for Management of Health Services (CMHS) at IIMA. Parallel sessions also discussed the startup ecosystem and innovations. Representatives of major pharmaceutical companies, policymakers and researchers were among the participants.

One of the studies presented at the summit was on the role of frontline workers. A team that included Prof Viswanath Pingali and Prof Rajesh Chandwani from IIMA and Dr Alpa Dalal carried out anonymous interviews with TB frontline workers in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Prof Pingali said the findings showed the crucial role played by frontline workers in diseases such as TB.
“During the Covid period, we all celebrated frontline workers. When it comes to TB, this is not the case. Social stigma associated with it and a lack of growth opportunities were found to be some major issues,” he said. He added that as most workers are contracted, the need of the hour is to carefully draw up the contracts that give them motivation and opportunity to grow.

Prof Anindya Chakrabarti, a faculty member at IIMA, spoke on a case study of an eye hospital that showed the adaptation and adoption of technology in healthcare, such as through digital patient records. tnn