Innovators, healthcare professionals and medical devices manufacturers united to democratize access to medical innovation through a specialized healthcare platform

HOSPINOV was born from a simple observation: there wasn’t any one-stop shop for innovative medical solutions that would give you reliable informations on the scientific effectiveness of the solutions.

Hospinov is composed of a multidisciplinary team of innovators, supported by healthcare professionals and industrialists, brought together with a common goal: to disseminate information about healthcare innovation on a medium that allows access to patients, caregivers and carers through a marketplace.


Innovative medical solutions are needed and should be supported by making it accessible to everyone around the world.  

In order to do so, bringing awareness, ease of access to market and funding will accelerate these innovative solutions.


Let’s make it easier to know, test or buy the innovative medical solutions

To bring you a selection of certified medical innovations that have proven their effectiveness


The virtuous circle 

It all starts with research labs, patients and healthcare professionals, a regular share of the profits should go back to them.

But it is also and above all the work of a team that shares the ambition to bring the best of medical innovation to the greatest number of people. Health professionals, patients, caregivers, innovators, we work to support a new approach to health, focused much more on prevention than on curation.

The multiplication of gadgets and false solutions in terms of healthcare makes it more difficult for those that are worthwhile to be visible.


A trust charter and a selection based on clinical trials proofs of efficiency

With the help of healthcare professionals, we have developed selection criteria to ensure that our users get the best of certified medical innovations.