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As health systems look to improve operational and clinical efficiencies by creating shared infrastructures, Amazon Web Services’ cloud is becoming increasingly popular. 

Here, three health system executives discuss why they chose Amazon as their preferred cloud provider over other Big Tech giants in the industry:

Note: Responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

John Kravitz. CIO of Geisinger (Danville, Pa.) We looked at all three of the major public cloud offerings. We did a request-for-proposal process, which was submitted to the major public cloud vendors. Interest was expressed by all three vendors; however, two of the cloud providers were very progressive.

We evaluated our environment and what would best suit us as an organization. We looked at the reputation of the cloud providers we’re going to be working with because it’s really important for our reputation. We felt that Amazon has a strong reputation with a lot of cloud migrations in other industries. Healthcare is one of the newer industries for them.

Keisuke Nakagawa, MD. Director of Innovation for Digital CoLab and Executive Director of the Cloud Innovation Center for UC Davis Health (Sacramento, Calif.) We saw a really powerful example of public, private partnership through this collaboration with AWS. We really felt like AWS saw and shared the mission that we had at UC Davis Health around reducing health disparities and working across both the public and private sector domains to realize that vision. When we work together to leverage each other’s strengths, we can drive that innovation and thinking forward.

Shafiq Rab, MD. Chief Digital Officer of Tufts Medicine (Boston). We went to AWS for a couple of things. The No. 1 reason is customer obsession. We both believe in serving our customers with an obsession. Second is how fast the AWS hard drive was. Third, is that AWS was always willing to integrate with our teams. They worked with us and Epic to help create the digital ecosystem and were always willing to learn with us.


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