About us

We provide and extend personalized & innovative healthcare services to its customers.

Our Vision

  • We must accelerate health innovation
  • To accelerate it, we must democratize its access to all,

Our Mision

  • To bring you a selection of certified medical innovations that have proven their effectiveness

Our Promise

  • Facilitate the connection of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with innovators

A diverse team

Hospinov is composed of a multidisciplinary team of innovators, supported by healthcare professionals and industrialists, brought together with a common goal: to disseminate information about healthcare innovation on a medium that allows access to patients, caregivers and carers through a marketplace.


Speed Coaching by Catherine TESTA in the program NATION ENTREPRENANTE of Raphaëlle DUCHEMIN

With Professor Albertini (pictured, co-founder of PREDISURGE), in the program B SMART FUTUR

In the excellent magazine T of La Tribune, dedicated to commitment and action

HOSPINOV was born from an observation: patients do not necessarily know that the innovations they need exist!

Health innovation represents a veritable nebula scattered over many different media and therefore difficult to access in a practical way.

innovations de santé
innovations sélectionnées
experts de santé

Ce qu'en disent les patients, les aidants et les professionnels de santé mais également les innovateurs de santé

People love our products and 70% our customers are returned customers. We believe that only way to make a long-term business is helping people.

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Meet Our Professionals

When your mission is to be better, faster and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward.

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