Hospinov Manifesto

Whether it is High tech – Low tech – Medtech – Biotech 
… quality health innovation must be promoted

The mission of the Hospinov healthcare platform is to democratize access to healthcare innovations, whatever they are and wherever they come from: 

  • by scrupulously following the rules laid down by its scientific committee, which is made up of recognized health professionals who are respected by their peers 
  • by respecting the rules of confidentiality and health ethics of each country in which it distributes them
  • by making a list and description of these innovations as precise as possible, open to the general public, in order to disseminate it to as many people as possible and to ensure access to as many people as possible
  • by filtering these innovations according to quality and confidence criteria for faster access and decision making for health actors
  • by offering them for purchase through a secure sale for medical devices 
    or qualified contact for medical services
  • by delivering them through a quality delivery network dedicated to healthcare players
    adopting a commercial policy adapted to developing countries to ensure better equity in access to distributed medical innovations.