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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in partnership with the Carsey Center for Impact Finance at the University of New Hampshire, is inviting insurers, large employers, healthcare and hospital systems, health providers, community development financial institutions, green banks, environmental advocates, policymakers, and philanthropists to the 2023 Financial Innovations Roundtable (FIR) on June 15 and 16, 2023.

Now in its 25th year, the FIR creates cross-sector partnerships among conventional and non-traditional lenders, investors, and markets to provide low-income communities with increased access to capital and financial services. 

This year, the FIR will be held in person at the New York Fed. The meeting’s focus is climate, equity, and the social drivers of health. The event will bring together key players and institutions in health, climate, and the environment to investigate investment models to achieve better health, equity, and environmental outcomes. The event also seeks to elevate partnership opportunities between leaders in healthcare, the environmental field, and community development finance.

Event Details

Date & Time
June 15 & 16, 2023

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY
In-person-only event

Attendance is by invitation only. For more information, contact Ellen Simon, at Ellen.Simon@ny.frb.org.

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