4 ways ChatGPT can boost health insurance processes Leave a comment

ChatGPT has made headlines across healthcare in recent months, and insurers are no exception to organizations that can use the tool to automate and streamline internal and external processes.

In a Forbes article published April 25, Alex Zukerman, chief strategy officer at analytics and consulting firm Sapiens, listed four major areas where payers can benefit from AI-powered automation.

  1. Customer support: Member questions about plan policies, claims statuses and billing can be answered in multiple languages.
  1. Underwriting: Data collection and analysis can be improved by looking for similar past cases, underwriters can better identify risk patterns and predictive modeling can help foresee risk better.
  1. Claims processing: Information on claims forms and documents can be extracted and categorized faster than doing it manually.
  2. Fraud detection: When integrated with claims processing, ChatGPT can identify inconsistent patterns and language and flag them for a claims reviewer. 


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