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The COVID-19 pandemic puts a strain on pharmacists.

Chris Chiew, vice president of London Drugs Pharmacy and Healthcare Innovation, said the industry is overworked by a pandemic and there is a shortage of new pharmacists to help current pharmacists handle the increasing number of tasks they have to perform. It says it’s getting harder.

“It doesn’t increase the number of people, but it does increase the work. It’s nice to shovel things in our yard, but we need people to do the job,” Auclair said.

“We have some people who have retired early or are now … on vacation …” Chiew told Global News.

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2:24Shortage of staff causing ER closures at six Quebec hospitals this summer

Staff shortages causing ER closures at six Quebec hospitals this summer – June 22, 2022

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Michael Fuger, CEO of the Pharmacy Association Saskatchewan, says there is no significant reduction in pharmacists in Saskatoon, but Regina does.

Fougere states that accurate statistics and figures regarding the degree of deficiency are unknown.

“They may be working longer, they may close sooner. I don’t think it will affect the quality or type of service received. I hear nothing from the general public or the pharmacist himself. “No,” said Fougere.

According to Fougere, there are few staff and business hours are affected throughout the state.

“We have fewer staff and less time at the pharmacy.”

According to Fougere, there are more than 1,200 pharmacies in the state and pharmacists elsewhere.

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Saskatoon has a pharmacy university in USask, which produces graduates every year. Yvonne Shevchuk, Dean of the USask College of Pharmacy and Nutrition Associates, states that there is space to accommodate up to 90 students each year.

“We track the number of students graduating each year. It’s in our late 80s. There wasn’t much change in the shortage of students,” says Chef Chuk.

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After July 4th, US ask does not require indoor masking.

New pharmacists must pass a license exam before entering the workforce, and foreign workers need experience in a Canadian pharmacy. This can take a year or two.

“There’s still a gap here waiting for new graduates, but that doesn’t solve the whole problem, which means people don’t want to work too much, so they retired and switched to part-time jobs.” , Chiew told Global Newsover Zoom.

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1:29Expanded NB healthcare resources

Expanding NB Healthcare Resources – June 22, 2022

This is not new, as Chef Chuk says the shortage of pharmacists has happened in the past.

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