Capital Management Services Sponsors Erie County Medical Center Spring Gala


Buffalo, N.Y. — Community involvement and support play a vital role in fostering the growth and well-being of all our local communities. Capital Management Services, a professional collection agency and call center providing reliable and compliant recovery and special project solutions for our respected client partners across the country, continues to demonstrate its commitment to the community by sponsoring the Erie County Medical Center Spring Gala as a Bronze Sponsor. 

This spring gala and Capital Management Service’s donation not only highlight the significance of supporting local events but also underscore the crucial role played by the Erie County Medical Center in the community. 

“At Capital Management Services, we firmly believe in the power of community involvement and the impact it has on the well-being of society,” said Larry Costa, President of Capital Management Services. “The Erie County Medical Center plays a vital role in providing exceptional healthcare services to our community, and it is our privilege to contribute to their mission. The Spring Gala represents a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community, celebrate the achievements of the medical center, and raise vital funds to support their continued excellence. We are committed to fostering a healthier and stronger community, and sponsoring this event aligns perfectly with our values and commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

The Erie County Medical Center

The Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) holds a prominent position in the healthcare landscape of the region. As a leading academic medical center, it provides exceptional care to a diverse patient population. ECMC offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including trauma care, specialized surgery, emergency medicine, behavioral health, and outpatient care. Moreover, ECMC is committed to promoting education and research, making it a hub of medical innovation and advancements.

The Significance of the Spring Gala

The Spring Gala represents an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments of the medical center and its staff. It serves as a fundraising initiative aimed at supporting the center’s mission of providing outstanding healthcare services to the community. The Spring Gala brings together community members, businesses, and philanthropists in a festive atmosphere, encouraging them to contribute to the ECMC Foundation, which further strengthens the medical center’s ability to provide exceptional care.

Capital Management Services’ Focus on Community Involvement

Capital Management Services recognizes the vital role played by the community in its success and growth. By focusing on community involvement, the company aims to give back and contribute to the betterment of the areas it serves. Capital Management Services believes that supporting local initiatives, such as the Erie County Medical Center Spring Gala, not only strengthens community bonds but also provides an opportunity to improve the overall quality of life for residents. These sponsorships enable companies to establish meaningful connections, enhance brand visibility, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Learn More

The Erie County Medical Center’s invaluable services and dedication to healthcare excellence make it a crucial institution in the region. To learn more about the Erie County Medical Center, and the incredible work they do within the community, please visit their website. Capital Management Services’ commitment to community involvement reflects its understanding of the significance of giving back and fostering a stronger and healthier community. To learn more about the dozens of other organizations CMS has supported over the years, please visit their website

About Erie County Medical Center

Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) is a leading academic medical center located in Erie County, New York. With a rich history dating back to 1912, ECMC is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services to its community. ECMC is renowned for its expertise in trauma care, while also offering a comprehensive range of medical services including specialized surgery, emergency medicine, behavioral health, long-term care, and outpatient care. ECMC fosters academic excellence, advancing medical education, research, and innovation. With a commitment to compassionate care, ECMC stands as a pillar of healthcare excellence, serving the needs of patients of all ages.

About Capital Management Services

Capital Management Services LP is a nationally licensed collection agency headquartered in Buffalo, NY that provides the highest quality of proven recovery and project solutions across the financial industry. We maintain our reputation as a proven leader and performer through our attention to detail and tailoring our strategies to meet the unique needs of each portfolio or project. We are proud of our ability to consistently surpass all industry standards for quality and provide outstanding services that add strategic value to every client partnership.