DeGen Medical and MRIguidance partner for surgical care technologies



–> The companies aim to establish new benchmarks in surgical planning, implant selection and postoperative care. Credit: Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay.

DeGen Medical has collaborated with medical imaging software company MRIguidance to transform surgical care by leveraging advanced technologies.

The companies aim to establish new benchmarks in implant selection, surgical planning and postoperative care with the integration of 3D patient-specific implants, PurI-Ti technology and augmented reality with BoneMRI (synthetic CT) software that eliminates exposure to radiation.

Both entities are said to reshape surgical medicine by providing enhanced patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for people worldwide.

MRIguidance’s BoneMRI software delivers detailed 3D anatomical reconstructions directly from only one magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam.

This is expected to be beneficial for adolescents.

It is said to be the first imaging technique that visualises both bone and soft tissue in a single examination without utilising harmful ionising radiation.

MRIguidance CEO Rik Jacobs said that he is excited to partner with DeGen Medical to introduce the solutions from both companies to the market in the US for optimising surgical workflows driven by innovations.

Patient-centric medical device development company DeGen Medical offers advanced implants and instrumentation solutions.

It is focused on the development of solutions for complex spinal disorders.

Augmented reality patient education boosts surgeon skills in planning and precision, leading to better patient satisfaction, according to the company.