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Sultana Afdhal, CEO of the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH).

The first hybrid version of WISH to take place October 4-6 under the banner of “Healing the Future”

The Qatar Foundation’s World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) announced that the 2022 Summit will be held from October 4th to 6th, 2022 under the theme of “Healing the Future”. Just before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, WISH 2022 will focus on exploring the potential health heritage of the tournament.

WISH 2022 is the sixth biennial summit, the first hybrid version of the Doha-based conference, and is rapidly becoming a major fixture in the global medical calendar. The event will bring together Doha’s global healthcare professionals, policy makers and innovators to work together to build a healthier world. In addition, many sessions will be held, allowing people from all over the world to participate virtually.

The discussions at the summit are divided into four main areas: sports and health, disability and inclusiveness, post-COVID-19 heritage, and welfare: building resilience of health systems, vaccine innovation and fairness, and climate change. It revolves around important issues such as food. safety.

Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Altani, Director of Public Health, Qatar Ministry of Public Health, Chair of WISH2022 Forum

Specific session topics for WISH 2022 will be published over the next few months, focusing on a variety of regional, regional, and globally important healthcare, social, humanitarian, and policy-led areas. As with previous WISH Global Gathering, the conference space will showcase the work of new health innovation projects and WISH’s local and international partners who are pioneers in efforts to achieve a healthier world. Focus on that.

WISH Sultana Afdhal, CEO, said: “The last two and a half years have shown how important it is to prioritize global health. Indeed, the world could only begin to heal through an innovative approach to delivering health care. With this in mind, we are delighted to be back in the global community for the first time since 2018, and look forward to further welcoming online participants from around the world following the success of WISH 2020. It was held virtually completely for the pandemic.

WISH 2022 specifically focuses on the positive impact sports have on our physical and mental health. And with the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, three of the reports commissioned by WISH prior to the summit are to use tournaments to bring good health results over the next few years. We will concentrate on considering our efforts. “

Dr. Mohammed Almaded, former president of the Qatar Red Crescent Society, former vice president of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Federation, and chair of the WISH2022 Forum “Migrant Workers Welfare”.

The evidence-based report commissioned by WISH on the welfare of migrant workers explores the widely-discussed issues regarding access to medical services for migrant workers in Qatar and describes the progress made so far in this area. Discuss and outline an innovative approach to care in this segment. Provide policy recommendations on how to improve this with the local population.

Addressing the positive benefits of hosting a tournament, “Major Sporting Events and Healthy Lifestyles” organizes and promotes active and healthy lifestyles and behaviors in the community by hosting megasport events. Consider ways to create a lasting public health and health legacy for the country.

Finally, “Accessible by Design” reviews Qatar’s efforts towards the 2022 World Cup in terms of increasing accessibility for locals and event attendees.

Hassan Altawadi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Commission on Delivery and Heritage in Qatar, who will attend the 2022 WISH Summit as a speaker, said: ‘Welfare. WISH 2022 looks forward to participating to share its experience in this area and provide a platform to highlight the public health benefits of hosting tournaments more generally. We are also keen to document our country’s World Cup journey, the successes and challenges we faced, and are therefore pleased to work with WISH to achieve this. “

WISH 2022 will be based for the first time in Multaqa, an educational city, and will host several community events in various parts of Doha the day before the conference as part of Doha Healthcare Week starting September 29th.

WISH 2022 speakers will be announced over the next few months. Previously, WISH has hosted Olympic swimmers such as Michael Phelps. Former Irish President Mary Robinson, Academy Award-winning actor, humanitarian and social activist, Morgan Freeman. World health leaders such as Dr. Tedros Adhanom, director of the World Health Organization, and representatives of social and humanitarian organizations such as the Carter Center, Global Fund and Save the Children will also attend and speak at WISH. Did. event.

WISH is the Qatar Foundation’s Global Health Initiative. If you would like to participate in WISH2022 in the future,

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