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20 years with 250 ideas successfully integrated into healthcare – a true celebration of Scottish innovation.

Continuing the journey from when InnoScot Health first started as Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) back in 2002, the organisation now has a reinvigorated modern identity and digital offering to coincide with its 20th anniversary, in turn further strengthening its support for NHS-led innovation.

It is also an opportunity to reflect on 20 years of working in partnership with NHS Scotland to inspire, accelerate and commercialise impactful healthcare innovations, while looking to an agile future.

Since its formation, InnoScot Health has developed a deep well of experience in bringing cost-efficient, lifesaving ideas into NHS Scotland thanks to funding support from the Scottish Government. In doing so, it has effectively become the technology transfer arm of the National Health Service.

The organisation continues to hold a unique role – and the importance of the healthcare innovation it draws out has never been greater against the backdrop of Covid-19, significant waiting lists, climate change and the challenges which each present to our health system.

Engaging with the experts for a better future

Businesspeople having a video conference in office. Business men and women having a web conference in office board room. InnoScot Health helps with vital innovations in the healthcare sector (Image: Getty Images)

InnoScot Health insists it is vitally important to unlock the know-how and first-hand experience of NHS staff to improve treatment and patient care – and with that in mind, the new look branding, website and social channels aim to drive enhanced engagement with healthcare professionals across Scotland.

This revitalised digital identity departs markedly from SHIL, a timely expansion given wider societal changes in ways of working.

It is also designed to draw out NHS-led innovation more than ever at an incredibly important time of recovery. It aims to encourage innovation – simple or complex – from all levels of the NHS, and to help shape a better future for all, in turn easing unprecedented health service pressures at a hugely challenging time.

Moreover, this refreshed web presence will continue to evolve to make contacting InnoScot Health’s expert team even easier, while also deepening educational opportunities derived from that deep well of expertise – whether it be intellectual property, medical device regulation or commercialisation advice – and offering useful explanatory video content.

The organisation is firm in its belief that innovative ideas have the power to significantly improve health and social care, as well as support an ambitious, entrepreneurial, forward-thinking Scotland – but that can only be achieved through enhanced engagement of the country’s 160,000-strong NHS workforce and strengthened support.

Showing its support, InnoScot Health is sponsoring the Scottish Health Awards 2022 taking place on Thursday, November 3 at the O2 Academy, Edinburgh. Run by the Daily Record in partnership with NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, the awards is the most prestigious and recognised event for those working across NHS Scotland and its partners to deliver high quality health and social care services to the people of Scotland. For more information, visit

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