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FUTURIZE has collaborated with Famfa Oil Limited to provide innovative solutions for the detection and treatment of non-communicable diseases.

A statement by both organisations said its first annual Fuel Africa Innovation Programme which was organised in partnership with AstraZeneca and MicrosoftFuel bought together the brightest minds across universities in Sub-Saharan Africa to address some of the continent’s most pressing challenges in healthcare, with impactful solutions while leveraging the power of cross-collaboration and technology.

Mr Rotimi Alakija of Famfa Oil Limited, said the only progress that could be achieved in the health sector was through innovation, and this could only be done by investing in fresh solutions to solve current problems.

He said, “This year’s two topics areas focused on creating solutions that will enable access to healthcare as well as the management and early detection of Non-Communicable Diseases. The mission here is to equip young entrepreneurs with the resources to build high-potential venture ideas and to contribute to sustainable development globally.”

The Enablement Lead, Africa Transformation Office at Microsoft, Yacine Bourgault, disclosed that Microsoft, through the Africa Transformation Office, was committed to supporting education transformation across Africa with access to learning tools, resources and technology.

African Cluster Country President at AstraZeneca Barbara Nel, pointed out that “Through A Catalyst Network, AstraZeneca’s interconnected and dynamic global network of more than 20 health innovation hubs, we are co-creating challenge-based solutions with and for patients”.

She said that according to the World Health Organisation, Non-Communicable Diseases were steadily increasing in prevalence in Africa, and they are predicted to overtake communicable diseases by the year 2030.

“By partnering with Futurize, we wanted to offer students in Africa exciting opportunities to connect and collaborate with a truly global network of expertise and experience, helping to accelerate innovation and ensure that more patients can get access to the latest health tech solutions,” she said.

The programme was also co-funded by Bristol Myers Squibb.


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