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VA is committed to ensuring that Veteran patients are cared for even before health care needs emerge. We are using digital technologies to help improve Veteran health and ensure that they have access to the most effective care whenever and wherever they need it. VA is:

Building technology for you

At the same time, we recognize that more technology isn’t always the best way forward. As Ret. Airman Mike Borges says, “I had a flip phone until two years ago. Most Vets have flip phones. It’s automatically assumed everybody knows how to use Zoom or connect to telehealth, and it’s just not true.”

We understand this and are committed to building technology solutions for you, not just throwing new technology at you.

Additionally, we want to help others. Combining experience and expertise from VHA Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE) and Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), we released The Playbook: Digital Healthcare Edition.

This new public resource features strategies VA uses to make sure technology reaches all Veterans. It ensures that we are thoughtful and intentional about your personal information and health data, and that we make absolutely certain the very best treatment options are available to you.

Our hope in sharing this resource is that others can learn from our accomplishments and bring successful digital innovation to the door of every health system across the U.S.

Get involved

VA and Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) would like to capture digital health innovation being used in clinical practice. Share your story on the Case Study Hub and tell us how you’ve used these tools, templates, or other resources.

Want to support VHA IE’s innovation revolution? Visit our website to learn about opportunities to become involved in innovation at VA.


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