Real World Evidence (RWE) plays an increasingly important role across the lifecycle of a drug, and supports innovation in clinical operations, regulatory, medical affairs, market access and safety.

As regulatory bodies around the globe issue new guidance on the use of RWE, as HCP and patient expectations evolve, and as technology enables new approaches to evidence generation and dissemination, understanding the value of the evolving nature of RWE is essential.

Attend our virtual conference to keep pace with the latest global RWE innovations and to learn how:

  • Agile Health Insights maximize the value of real world data for real-time decision making
  • Innovative RWE approaches support regulatory submissions to FDA, EMA and NMPA
  • Strategic implications and impacts of the US Inflation Reductions Act can be prepared for
  • Technology and patient centric approaches enable medical affairs strategies and measurement of scientific impact
  • AI modelling enables proactive prediction of exacerbation events to improve patient outcomes
  • AI/ML and NLP empower your medical affairs teams to connect with the right key opinion leaders and optimize labelling