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Nigerian at-home lab testing startup HealthTracka has raised US$1.5 million in funding to expand into Kenya and Ghana in the coming months.  

Founded in May 2021, Healthtracka started with a B2C focus, where users book their lab tests  on the website, have their samples collected at home and get digital results, with the cost of  tests also covering a doctor’s review of results. 

Since then, its services have been extended to B2B2C, by offering API infrastructure for tele-health service providers, hospitals, and pharmacies, empowering them to provide at-home blood testing for their patients. 

The startup’s US$1.5 million funding round comes from Ingressive Capital and Hustle Fund, as well as Alumni Angels and Flying Doctors. With the funding in place, Healthtracka is looking to bolster its technological infrastructure, with features such as a newly-launched API that empowers both telehealth services and traditional healthcare providers to offer at-home lab testing. It also plans to expand into Kenya and Ghana in the coming months.

The news comes after HealthTracka’s participation in the Techstars Toronto accelerator programme between October 2021 and January 2022. Co-founder and CEO Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson said the startup’s mission was to become a patient-centric healthcare solution for Africans.  

“Healthtracka is raising the bar on healthcare delivery in Africa. We want to bring care to  people, instead of the people to the care. In just one year, of launch, we have proven that there  is huge market for a healthcare solutions centred around today’s African consumer. What sets  us apart is a potent combination of operational expertise, customer-obsession, and healthcare  innovation,” she said.

“Our latest B2B2C offerings include partnering with employers to deliver healthcare to the  doorstep of employees across the country. One of such strategic partnerships is with Sterling Bank, one of the biggest banks in the country, offering their consumers and employees  healthcare delivered on their own schedule.”

Maya Horgan Famodu, founder of Ingressive Capital, said HealthTracka had the potential to positively impact the e-health sector across the continent.  

“Ifeoluwa is hungry and very bright. Not only did we anonymously use HealthTracka’s services  in diligence, and have a 10/10 experience, we recognised truly what this could become across  the continent, even from just interacting with her team for tests. The product is high quality, on  time, affordable, and unlocking the door for a healthier Africa,” she said.


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