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Nobel Medicine Giant Project Nobelyum Continues to Grow with Innovations Nobel Ilac’s Giant Project Nobelyum Continues to Grow with Innovations

Nobelium, which is offered to healthcare professionals under the management of Nobel İlaç Multi-Channel Team; continues to grow as a multi-stakeholder, multi-channel giant project. Aiming to provide health professionals with an uninterrupted and sustainable scientific service experience with its rich site architecture and content, Nobelyum serves its users as a digital portal that offers 360-degree up-to-date content, especially its live broadcast infrastructure.

Nobel Pharmaceuticals Farma Medical and Marketing Services Manager Dr. Bahar Paröz gave information about the innovations in the Nobelyum digital platform, which has recently activated podcasts and current stories in order to provide users with different experiences:

“Nobelyum, our digital portal that we have built for healthcare professionals with the Nobel İlaç Multi-Channel Team and made available to healthcare professionals unconditionally, continues to grow with innovations. Our platform provides an uninterrupted, sustainable medical and scientific service to health professionals, including physicians and pharmacists, with its rich site architecture and content.

As Nobel İlaç, we brought together the life stories of our valuable Turkish physicians and scientists, who devoted their lives to Medicine, with our podcast series ‘Lives Dedicated to Medicine’, which we brought to life in our digital home Nobelyum. With this Project, inspired by the portraits of physicians in Nobel Medicus, the only peer-reviewed scientific journal that we have presented to health professionals for many years and unconditionally supported by a pharmaceutical company, we, as Nobel İlaç, reached more than 2 views and listeners in a very short period of 700 weeks. We are very pleased with the interest in these publications and our content. In addition to our podcast series, we have recently launched the ‘Value for Your Health’ series, which is a healthy living guide in order to analyze our current health status for a better quality life, raise awareness about our body and take action when necessary, within the field of Current Developments.

In addition, Nobel Medicus, our own scientific journal that we offer to healthcare professionals as Nobel Pharmaceuticals, constitutes a very important pillar of the scientific service on our Nobelyum digital platform. Medicus, which has been accepted to many national and international indexes and libraries, as well as the British Library, is a valuable platform where studies conducted in our country are included, as well as hosting international publications. The archive of this privileged scientific journal can be easily accessed via”

Thanks to this feature, Nobelyum portal, whose technological infrastructure is optimized for desktop or laptop computers, tablets and phones, can be accessed anywhere, from any device. Again, as a part of important infrastructure features, membership and registration processes can be carried out quickly, without waiting, with its smart system that directly recognizes, verifies and approves health professionals according to their current information. The platform, with its live broadcast infrastructure that offers two different modules according to needs, includes webinars that will enable healthcare professionals to easily access new news and updated information, as well as videos that will contribute to the professional practices of healthcare professionals in the field of videos.

On the platform, where more than 10 meetings were held in the first quarter of the year, in the rest of 2022, live broadcasts will continue to be made for healthcare professionals in most treatment areas from central nervous system diseases to rare diseases, from oncology to hematology.

The platform, which was brought to life with the slogan of ‘1 Dose of Nobelium Every Day’ last year, has more than 3.300 health professional members as of today. Another application that the company implemented during the pandemic period, apart from Nobelyum, was Rep Triggered E-mailings called Digimail.

Nobel İlaç continues to attract international attention and to serve the needs of health professionals with innovations, with all communication channels and digital platform Nobelyum, which it has specially built for health professionals.


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