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Make PMI’s Most Influential Projects 2022 List

Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading organisation for the project management profession, has released its fourth annual list of Most Influential Projects. The global list recognises the top 50 influential projects of 2022. UCT’s Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery and Innovation program and local fintech start-up Nomanini were identified as the most influential in Sub-Saharan Africa together with eight other projects on the continent.  

The list highlights exciting projects across industries that achieved significant milestones and transformed their sectors with innovative projects in education, climate action, architecture, technology, healthcare, and more. 

Honourees include momentous triumphs, such as reimagining the modern workforce to meet the demands of employees and employers, envisioning the most complex and powerful telescope ever built, and countering urban sprawl while elevating affordable housing options. This list also includes highly impactful but lesser-known victories, such as Nestle’s play blending starchy grain sorghum, a by-product, with maize and wheat to produce a nutritious porridge.  

In addition to addressing hunger, it’s also a linchpin of Nestlé’s waste-reduction and upcycling strategy as it pushes to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. While porridge doesn’t exactly scream innovation, Nestlé R&D Centre in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, is fast breaking the mould.  

The 2022 Most Influential Projects list proves how project managers can make this happen – even in the most challenging times. The PMI® 2022 Global Megatrends report identified six megatrends reshaping every corner of the globe that continue to impact business and how we live — from digital disruption and climate change to movements for equality. As organisations develop ideas to mitigate their negative impacts, they have long turned to project managers to help them turn these ideas into reality. 

“Beyond providing inspiring information, Most Influential Projects wants to alter how people view projects and encourage project managers to expand their toolkit, embrace disruption, and challenge norms,” says George Asamani, MD of Sub-Saharan Africa, PMI.  

“This year’s list reveals a changing project landscape and underscores the growing influence of project managers in advancing innovation on the continent.”  

Members of the project management community, including experts, volunteers, academics, and industry leaders from across the globe, provided input and nominations for this year’s list. The pool of candidate projects numbered in the thousands and were vetted by a PMI thought leadership team. The final list reflects how PMI envisions projects: as powerful forces in creating change, reaching goals, and solving problems. The project professionals and teams behind these projects are empowered individuals who creatively solve problems, help cross-functional teams work together, and shape the future of their organisations and communities alike.    

To view the complete list of projects and industry- and region-specific “Top 10” lists, visit For more information or to nominate a project for 2023 Most Influential Projects, please email your submission to


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