POLYRACK awarded with iF Design Award 2023


POLYRACK has been awarded with this year’s iF Design Award for the FrameTEC for 19” racks.

A discrete yet unobtrusive design forms the basis of the FrameTEC appearance for equipment manufacturers, who can use the system in a highly individualised way for their own brands.

The FrameTEC case solution is characterised by a modern artless and at the same time functional shape. The shadow gap between the inner and outer shells visually breaks up the calm appearance on the sides. In addition to the slim walls, a protruding framing protects the side elements, while a continuous chamfer surface defines the outer contours. Functional customisations ranging from various handle solutions to a completely integrated display are possible without breaking the elegant design.

The desktop case allows a high degree of flexibility dimensioning the size – heights from 176 to approximately 576 mm and installation from 3U to maximum 12U are possible. The standard width for 19″ rack mounting can be adjusted individually and the installation range in depth reaches up to 500mm.

Furthermore, the 133-member international jury of experts was convinced by the design of the case: The desktop case offers a mounting option for 19″ plug-in units and enables a simple while flexible access from all sides, as well as alternatively a complete solid front. This results in a front view without visible screws, while the screws are otherwise only visible on the front and rear sides.