Orcam Read pocket reading machine

Designed for the visually impaired, the OrCam Read is an assistive reading device that reads all printed or digital text with the push of a button.

The Smart version of the Orcam Read is on special offer at €1,795 instead of €2,640 until April 30, 2021.

1795,00$ 2640,00$

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Read what you want, anywhere, anytime! OrCam Read, a pen-sized device, offers you a new reading experience. Improve your grades and work more efficiently. All types of text are instantly vocalized and transmitted through a tiny speaker or a connected Bluetooth device.

Full-page capture: Unlike all other devices that require you to scan every word, OrCam Read captures full pages in one shot.
Laser guidance: two laser guidance options: capture a block of text or choose exactly where to start reading.
Built-in LED lights: easy reading in dark environments.
Instant read, includes: newspapers, books, menus, signs, product labels and displays.
OrCam Read uses revolutionary artificial intelligence technology, computer vision, to easily and instantly capture and orally read text in real time.


Automatically detects and reads text in print (book, newspaper, SMS, computer text, sign…). Automatically lights up in low light conditions. Rechargeable by USB port C. Automatic language detection. SMART VERSION: VOICE COMMANDS FOR SMART READING Simply use one of the voice commands and the OrCam will respond accordingly. Whether you want to “read amounts” to find out the total of a bill, “read phone numbers” to decide to read a list of phone numbers, or even “next” or “previous” to be able to skip a certain sentence more quickly. Intelligent Reading takes OrCam devices to a whole new level of interactivity and efficiency. BROWSE BILLS, NEWSPAPERS AND MORE Read dates – Reads the dates shown Read Phone Numbers – Reads all phone numbers listed Read Amounts – Reads all the amounts listed, for example, in an invoice GENERAL NAVIGATION Read All – Reads the entire page Starts from – Starts at a specific word Repeats – Reads the last sentence read aloud Repeat – Recaptures the page and starts over Next – Fast-forwards to the next sentence Previous – Fast forward to the previous sentence AWARD-WINNING TECHNOLOGY OrCam has won numerous awards worldwide for its innovative artificial intelligence technology. OrCam Read was once described as “an exceptional tool for accessing written materials in professional, educational and community settings.” WHO CAN USE ORCAM READ? OrCam Read helps people with certain levels of visual impairment or various reading difficulties such as dyslexia and reading fatigue. People with severe visual impairment will have difficulty using the device. OrCam Read requires that the user can hear, with or without a hearing aid. The user must also have full control of his or her hand movements. FEATURES 13 Megapixel camera. Laser pointer in window or spot format. Jack socket. Dimensions: 122 x 25 x 13 mm. Weight : 44 g. Power supply: 320 mAH nominal battery. Rechargeable by USB port. Warranty : 2 years. DELIVERED WITH OrCam Read USB Adapter USB cable RECOMMENDATIONS CONCLUSIONS OF THE CERTAM EVALUATION OF FEBRUARY 11, 2021 The OrCam Read, a copy of which was given to us by Acces’Solutions for our tests, is a character recognition device initially designed for dyslexic people. It can be used by visually impaired people, but it is aimed at people who can visually locate the text to be read. Considering the existence of accessible, efficient and much less expensive mobile applications, even free, the interest of this solution seems limited and expensive for people already equipped with a smartphone. For the less tech-savvy, and especially when a magnification device is no longer sufficient, the portability and autonomy of the OrCam Read will certainly be able to satisfy occasional reading needs. Read the full review on the CERTAM website.


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