AquaJogger® CV


AquaJogger ®, a division of Excel Sports Science, is an innovative sport, health, fitness, and wellness solution provider equipping the fitness industry with aqua gym products. It brings forth a spectrum of solutions like Aqua buoyancy belts, Delta Bells, AquaRunners, ExerSandals, and Aqua Hitch to assist customers in rehabilitation, weight loss, and active aging.

An Approach Backed by Research

The company realizes that the future of fitness, health, and wellness programs lies in the ideal combination of land and water exercise, an amphibious approach. Research by NASA, in fact, found that being up to one’s neck in water improves deep tissue response ten times more than on land, which accelerates healing and recovery.

In another study, a group of athletes underwent an intense training session on a treadmill, followed by an examination of their lactose removal rate. The findings revealed that engaging in water-based exercise led to a significant decrease in lactose levels in the bloodstream, surpassing the reduction observed from running on the treadmill. This played a vital role in reducing the impact and risk of injuries, resulting in shorter recovery times.

“The core function of our products lies in the transformative potential of hydrostatic pressure around the body,” says Lew Thorne, President, and Founder, AquaJogger ®. “It’s profound capacity to alter the body’s functioning by increasing blood flow and heightening deep tissue response unlocks a whole new level of fitness, wellness, and sports performance.”

AquaJogger ®’s products remove the limitations caused by weight-bearing and other impact issues spawned by exercise, conditioning, training, and rehabilitation programs.

It provides a safe and accessible environment for a comprehensive and balanced workout, facilitating gentle recovery. Irrespective of age and physical condition, AquaJogger can engage individuals in low-impact water workouts, effectively elevating heart rate, improving conditioning, and toning muscles.

One of the key product lines from AquaJogger ® are their buoyancy belts.

Suspended in deep water with a buoyancy belt provides the user with increased deep tissue and neuro-muscular response, removal of impact, and a full body massage while allowing innovative movements in a stress-free environment.

Strategically Reaching a Larger Audience

Driven by its commitment to delivering the advantages of integrated land and water workouts, the company has expanded its network of resellers across multiple regions, complemented by a user-friendly website. This combination ensures the widespread accessibility and availability of AquaJogger ®’s products across the globe. There is no wonder that AquaJogger ’s extensive clientele spans from astronauts and athletes to the general populace and even children, demonstrating the inclusive nature of its solutions.

“The beauty of our approach lies in the potential for innovation, adaptability and customization in addressing the individual needs of every user,” says Thorne.

The core function of our products lies in the transformative potential of hydrostatic pressure around the body