How borderless data access and collaboration will propel healthcare forward Leave a comment

One of the challenges for healthcare professionals looking to adopt a more data-driven approach to patient care and how they run their operations is the freshness of the information they’re using. Work is underway to continually reduce the time between when data is first generated by a source, such as a lab result or medical device reading, and when action is taken based on that information. The goal is always to generate insights faster, make prescriptive or predictive judgments, and then act on those findings.

Healthcare professionals have found reams of data to mine from the massive disruptions caused by COVID-19, which suddenly flipped the established provider model on its head, as most patient visits moved from in-person appointments to virtual care. That transition is providing a snapshot of what the much-anticipated future of healthcare will involve in terms of different engagement, operations, financial and clinical models. Through data sharing with virtual care partners, healthcare professionals can assess the total impact of switching to a hybrid or fully virtual model and then augment those findings with patient feedback on their experience. With that knowledge and insights at their fingertips, they can then make changes to adapt to the new world of healthcare.


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